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Gobal Warming: An Alternative View

Posted by SteveB on April 15, 2009

Professor Brian Pratt, P.Geo, of the University of Saskatchewan wrote this article recently. In it he provides an alternative view of global warming, at least alternative to those who say the “science is settled.”   Professor Pratt considers himself a dedicated environmentalist, but cannot accept the claims of anthropogenic-human caused-global warming. His research involves deducing climate back to “deep time”…geological eras of millions and billions of years.

Prof. Pratt lays out the facts as he sees them:

Solar heat varies cyclically at different frequencies, from decades to hundreds of thousands of years.

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and temperature are linked, but temperature is the driver, not the other way around.

Oceans are the great sink for CO2. Atmospheric CO2 concentration is not uniform around the globe. CO2 dissolves in colder sea water while it degasses from warm sea water. 

CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but it absorbs only a small portion of the infrared spectrum. He states that it is a fact of physics that CO2 molecules radiate almost none of the heat it absorbs.

Water vapor is what insulates the earth.

Prof. Pratt asks the question, but cannot fully answer, why have AWG promoters seized upon CO2 as the culprit? And why haven’t more geoscientists stood up to correct the misconception about long-term climate change? Some have, but precious few.  Why haven’t more physicists pointed out the basic mistakes in the science? He compares the zealoutry of many adherents to the Spanish Inquisition, facism and other movements designed to take control and silence dissent.

Climate change has become so highly politicized one wonders who to trust.  The UN IPCC report was laundered to such a degree by a small select group of experts and bureacrats in their preparation of summary reports for policymakers, that they are often contradictory.  Some of the contributors themselves have distanced themselves from the reports.

As Prof. Pratt points out, the science is never settled.  Globally averaged temperatue data show that temperature has not risen in the past ten years.  We are not in the middle of global warming at all.

Temperature fluctuations and regional variations in the last few decades do not follow rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

His final question: Does reducing our dependency on fossil fuels justify promulgating scientific lies?

Here is the link to the entire essay:





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