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Consensus: Or lack thereof.

Posted by SteveB on May 5, 2009

Why can’t those that believe global warming is caused by man at least admit that there is not a consensus on this issue among real scientists?

The only consensus is among those sharing the same opinion. Even if there were a consensus; as far as I know, science is not based on consensus. It is based on proven and verifiable fact.  That has not been done in this case.

Maybe they say there is consensus so they don’t actually have to defend their position. Which is also part of science. Al Gore refuses to debate anyone on the merits of his position, even though he proclaims the apocolyps is coming if we don’t reduce our carbon footprint. Something he has obviously failed to do himself. Al Gore is not even a scientist.

The latest U.S. Senate Minority Report contains excerpts from more than 700 scientists with dissenting opinions over man-made global warming.

It can no longer be ignored by the proponents of man-made global warming that more and more scientists are less convinced that global warming is caused by mans production of CO2.


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