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An Expensive Solution To A Non-Problem | / | Energy & Environment

Posted by SteveB on May 20, 2009

By Karl Bohnak
You know that “Global Warming” (warming of the earth caused primarily by mankind’s emission of carbon from the burning of fossil fuels) is one of my pet peeves.  The evidence shows we have warmed-about 0.7 degrees C the last century.  This is significant, but not cause for alarm.  In the past, long before humans were burning large amounts of fossil fuels, there were even more dramatic rises in temperature.  The main point I want to get across is that just because the earth has warmed, doesn’t mean humans were the primary cause of that warming.  Don’t be duped.  Melting ice caps, milder winters and polar bears swimming in open water are not evidence of human-induced global warming. 

For me, this issue has gone beyond a background irritation.  There is legislation before the U.S. Congress that would fight “climate change (the term used to cover any effect that doesn’t appear to be due to warming)” that would impose a “cap and trade” scheme on industries and businesses that emit carbon dioxide (CO2).  This means virtually every business and industry would have to participate-they all use energy and most energy in this country is carbon-based.  Businesses would have to buy these credits for the right to emit CO2.  Guess who will pay for it?  Me and you-the consumer, and that’s why this has gone beyond annoyance for me. 

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200905204828 | An Expensive Solution To A Non-Problem | / | Energy & Environment.


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