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American Thinker Blog: WSJ Publishes Nutty Global Warming Geoengineering Plan

Posted by SteveB on June 16, 2009

June 15, 2009

WSJ Publishes Nutty Global Warming Geoengineering Plan

Marc Sheppard
Can you imagine anyone being loony enough to declare an unproven solution to an unproven problem to be “enormously risky” and certain to “lead to troubling unforeseen consequences” and “international tension,” and then proceeding to advocate for it nonetheless?   Or a highly respected international news source making the decision to publish such lunacy as a cover story?

Try this — in today’s Wall Street Journal article It’s Time to Cool the Planet, Jamais Cascio, a San Francisco “Environmental Futurist,” claims that it’s too late to avoid an “unprecedented global catastrophe” by merely cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.   No, in addition to shutting down progress in a futile effort to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, we must also take steps to counteract the warming we’ve already supposedly unleashed in order to “delay potentially catastrophic ‘tipping point’ events.”  Such “geoengineering” would represent a “stay of execution” while we work toward “a pardon.”  Oh brother.

Cascio divides geoengineering into two categories: carbon management and temperature management.  The former, which involves methods aimed at scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere, he dismisses as too slow to meet the task.  That leaves us with attempting to block or reflect some of the sunlight that hits the planet. According to Cascio, “increasing the planet’s reflectivity by 2% could counter the warming effects of a doubling of CO2 emissions.”  And from where did he derive such figures, perchance the same ouija board used by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to predict that simple reflective engineering would have the same effect on global warming as taking all the cars in the world off the world’s roads for 11 years?

Read the entire article below.

American Thinker Blog: WSJ Publishes Nutty Global Warming Geoengineering Plan.


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