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A Few Simple Words to Correct the Frauds on Global Warming.

Posted by SteveB on June 20, 2009

 Gary Novak
Independent Scientist


A Few Simple Words to Correct the Frauds on Global Warming

Each person has a different concept of what is happening based on different knowledge. This is often true within science, where each scientist is only familiar with a small part of the subject. Climate science is so complex, with so many details, that most people cannot grasp it all. So this description attempts to cut through the confusion with summary statements in simple language. Read the entire article below.

A Few Simple Words to Correct the Frauds on Global Warming..

Propaganda is all the public gets, and a lot of erroneous assumptions result. “Climate change” is supposed to mean the climate is doing something it otherwise would not do. “Heat trapping gasses” is supposed to mean greenhouse gasses prevent heat from leaving the atmosphere. Why would scientists use those terms if they didn’t mean what they say? Because those terms are propaganda statements used by frauds. So here’s an attempt to cut through those frauds with simple explanations:

Greenhouse gasses do not trap much heat for many reasons. The number one reason is because they can only trap radiation, while radiation is almost nonexistent for them. The sun’s energy cannot be trapped by greenhouse gasses, because it is too high of a frequency, being in the visible range, while greenhouse gasses absorb low frequency radiation, which is invisible, called infrared radiation. (Small exceptions have no bearing on the subject and are not argued.)


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