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Liz Peek, – Can the Climate Control Zealots In Congress Be Stopped?

Posted by SteveB on June 29, 2009

Is the president losing his cool? In his press conference on Tuesday President Obama showed rare flashes of sarcasm and impatience as he dealt with veiled criticism of his muted response to the brutality in Iran and the prospect that his beloved health care legislation may not survive the bloody birth canal that is Congress.

Still, the president was collected enough to employ an old favorite of those under pressure, the tried and true “bait and switch” approach. Hey, if your health care package is getting torched, start playing up the importance of your equally gigantic land-grab known as the American Clean Energy Security Act. Also called the Waxman-Markey bill, this legislation was suddenly number one on the president’s agenda. That’s bad news for those ramming through this dangerous re-write of our energy industry. While most talking heads have been focused on health care, the climate control zealots had their hands on the throttle. Shining a little light on this endeavor may better reveal some of the bills warts’ and just in time since it moves to the House floor today.  

The American Petroleum Institute sent a letter to Congress this week which claims that the Waxman bill “would mean gasoline at more than $4 per gallon” and that “the bill will cost Americans billions of dollars in higher costs, kill jobs and will not deliver the environmental benefits promised.” The API note references a study done for the Black Chamber of Commerce that estimates the bill will result in a net loss of over 2 million jobs a year (net of added “green” jobs). The study also estimates annual drops in GDP of $170 billion in 2015, $350 billion in 2030 and $730 billion in 2050. In short, the API describes the bill as “fundamentally flawed.”

Read the entire article below.



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