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This is my first blog so I am trying to figure out exactly what I want this to be.  I have a general idea but not quite sure yet how to get there. 

I am primarily interested in discussing politics, world events and social issues, but I am open to discussing just about anything that I have any knowledge of.  My political leaning is Republican, but I don’t want this to be a bash the Democrats site.  I definitely have my opinions and will share them here.  But I like to keep things respectful and be able to engage in some form of meaningful discussion. 

I will pose questions to hopefully spur dialouge and discussion.  I have been interested lately in the global warming debate.  I suppose I could be categorized as a “denier”.

So I encourage everyone to jump in and help me as I enter the world blogging.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jean said

    Hi Steve, I am Carl’s other sister and friends with Elena:) I love seeing all of your pics together. We met in the 90’s when I stopped by with Carl. I read some about climate change and I think it is great discussion material. The topic is a very debated one- and you may choose some form of moderation- why don’t you start a facebook site for your cause? I live in Temecula, Ca and have a Master’s dgree in Public Health Research. I have visited 2 waste treatment sites for water and a few landfill sites. I see the UV getting worse each year with rewcord skin cancer rates. My gut is that God did not intend on this UV, but, instead the way we are treating our environment is leading to this – we just had out first fire yesterday- we have had record fies in Socal because of the drought and extreme dry, heat. Some people that are from here say it has alwasy been this way- others insist it has not. I have not looked at the records, but they are not always accurate either. I do know that we need to be aware and discuss it- so good job!! I will check in periodically- hope it goes well and more people, including me, with my many ideas, need to do somewthing like this! Lord knows I spend a lot of time talking about my ideas and things I read verbally and on email/fb! Jeannie

    • SteveB said

      Hi Jean,

      I remember meeting you. Thanks for checking out my site. I have been doing this for a about a month now. For some reason I have become interested in this global warming/climate change issue. I think we are going down a road that is very dangerous. Not for the environment, but for what a lot of people, including many in the government, want to do in the name of protecting the planet. I am not at all convinced that the warming the planet has experienced over the last 20-30 years is caused by man. There are a lot of people, much smarter than me, that agree. Although you will not hear much about them. Or if you do they are considered fringe extremists or in the pocket of big oil. Not true. It is frustating to hear all the misinformation given out.

      I guess I started this as a way for me to vent my frustration in some small way. I would like to get people that are not really in tune with what is going on to at least start thinking about it a little more seriously. There are proposals by the government and global warming proponents that will drive this country into the ground economically. When the EPA wants to declare CO2 a pollutant, something that we NEED to survive, it is getting a little scary.

      It is interesting that you mention fires in your area. I obviously don’t know the specific historical record there. But, I have come to learn that people have a very limited hitorical perspective when it comes to things in life. That is, there own lifetime. Which, in the span of the Earth’s history, is so small that one cannot really understand the complete historical context of what they are experiencing.

      The Earth is in constant change. It’s just that the change, or cycle, works on a time scale different than our own. You can have 30, 40, 50 or 100 years of drought, warmer or cooler weather; you name it. Whatever it is during your lifetime is what it has always been. So when it changes we have to attribute it some “thing”. We never think it is just the natural variations in Earth’s cycle.

      In the early 70’s many “scientists” were concerned with global cooling and thought we may be on the verge of entering a new ice age. Well, that lasted until about 1977 and things turned around and the planet started warming. Now we are concerned with global warming. And actualy, the warming increase that has been going on since then peaked around 2000 or so. We have been on a slow decline for the last few years.

      Anyway, didn’t mean to get on this diatribe. Just nice to see someone with an open mind and willing to listen. Looking forward to hearing from you again.


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