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Kerry panel looks at climate change and national security – National Politics Blog –

Posted by SteveB on July 24, 2009

By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff

WASHINGTON — Massive crop devastation, melting glaciers, water shortages, millions of displaced people — all of these will drag the US military into conflict if global climate change goes unchecked, a Senate panel was warned today.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, convened by Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, focused on what so far has received only modest attention in the climate change debate: the effect it is bound to have on national defense.

“Addressing the consequences of changes in the Earth’s climate is not simply about saving polar bears or preserving the beauty of mountain glaciers,” retired Navy Vice Adm. Lee F. Gunn, president of the American Security Project, told the panel. “Climate change is a threat to our national security.”

Gunn and other military specialists said that climate change could have broad effects on how the US military operates. It will likely expand the number of humanitarian missions the Pentagon will have to undertake, they said, and even change how it deploys its fighting forces.

For example, they warned that rising sea levels could swamp critical US military bases in the Indian Ocean and even the headquarters of the Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, Va., which could be under water after just a one-meter rise in the ocean level.

From Africa to the Middle East and South Asia, dramatic changes in the weather will stress already unstable nations, creating what Gunn called “climate conflicts.”

“International conflicts over resources, due to migrants, and/or as a means of distraction are not only likely,” he added, “but likely to exacerbate the underlying climate change problem.”

Kerry, since he took the helm of the committee earlier this year, has made addressing climate change a top priority. Several specialists said today that elevating the security aspect will help garner the kind of support necessary to make the difficult changes in energy and other global policies to stabilize the climate.

Sharon E. Burke, vice president for natural security at the Center for a New American Security, testified that the hearing was “an important demonstration of the fact that global climate change is now taken seriously as a strategic challenge.”

Kerry, for his part, pledged to keep the shining the light on the issue.

“If we fail to connect the dots — if we fail to take action — the simple, indisputable reality is that we will find ourselves living not only in a ravaged environment, but also in a much more dangerous world,” he said.

Correction: This item has been revised because of a reporting error that misstated the title for Sharon E. Burke, vice president for natural security at the Center for a New American Security.

Kerry’s full opening statement is below:

Kerry panel looks at climate change and national security – National Politics Blog – Political Intelligence –


Posted in Climate Change, Global Warming, Politics | Tagged: , , | Leave a Comment » – Hillary Apologizes to India for Global Warming

Posted by SteveB on July 20, 2009

In the Obama’s administration neverending apologies to the world for all of America’s past, present and likely future mistakes and bad-doings, we now have Sec. of State Hillary Clinton apologizing to India for the U.S. not doing enough to combat rising co2 and its contribution to global warming.  Maybe we should just get all these individual apologies out of the way and do one apology for existing in the first place.

“We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States, and we along with other developed countries have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with climate change,” she said. “We are hoping a great country like India will not make the same mistakes.”

Here is the full article. – Hillary Apologizes to India for Global Warming.

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Commerce Secretary: Americans ‘Need to Pay’ for Chinese Emissions – Environmental Capital – WSJ

Posted by SteveB on July 18, 2009

I am truly starting to believe that there are people within our own federal government that are hell bent on destroying this country as we know it.  Now our very own U.S. Sec. of Commerce thinks we should pay for co2 emmissions from countries that we purchase products from.  It is absolutely amazing some of the things that have been either proposed or suggested by members of the Obamas administration that we as a country do that is not in our best interest, just to kiss the asses of the Chinese, Russians, U.N, you name it. 

Commerce Secretary: Americans ‘Need to Pay’ for Chinese Emissions – Environmental Capital – WSJ.

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Posted by SteveB on July 12, 2009

EW Ross-

Whatever the truth about global warming, the politics of the issue is as much about power and who has it as it is about the environment. Whether it’s those who believe man-made global warming is an imminent threat to human existence or those who simply see it as a key to greater political power, global governance is where the belief that we can manage climate change ultimately leads us.

On July 9, none other than the venerable guru of climate change, Al Gore, articulated this in a speech at the Smith School World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, England. In commenting on the US House of Representatives passage of the Waxman-Markey climate bill, Gore claimed that it “will dramatically increase the prospects for success” in combating the “crisis” of man-made global warming. “But it is the awareness itself that will drive the change and one of the ways it will drive the change is through global governance and global agreements.”

Never mind that Gore is well on his way to becoming the first climate-change billionaire or that his carbon footprint is the size of a Titanosaurus, we should take him seriously when he talks about global governance.

Read the rest of the article below.


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Political Witch Hunt

Posted by SteveB on July 12, 2009

The Obama administration is hell bent on prosecuting any and all former Bush admin. officials for illegal intergation, illegal wiring tapping and anything else they can think of.  Yes, lets put in jail all those who worked to protect this country from another terrorist attack. 

Al Qeada and the Taliban must be laughing at us. We argue whether or not waterboarding is torture while they behead American citizens.

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Report: Smoking Ban May Strike Military – Political News – FOXNews

Posted by SteveB on July 11, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Report: Smoking Ban May Strike Military

Pentagon health experts are reportedly pressing Defense Secretary Robert Gates to ban the use of tobacco by troops and ends its sale on military property.

Report: Smoking Ban May Strike Military – Political News –

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Warning Signs: Electing a Moron

Posted by SteveB on July 11, 2009

By Alan Caruba

It’s not that long ago that former President George W. Bush was being characterized as a dimwit. In truth, because he was not a smooth talker, he often came across as less than a deep thinker. I am not sure the job requires a deep thinker because those who fit that description often turned out to be a disaster. The job’s best description is “leader.”

It is important to remember that the decade in which Bush served was one of consumer confidence, a healthy economy, marred initially by 9/11 and later by the decision to invade Iraq and depose a vicious despot who had warred with Iran and invaded Kuwait. Many Americans grew tired of the war and the subsequent occupation.

Only at the very end of Bush’s term, September 2008, did the nation suddenly encounter the financial turmoil that the mortgage “bubble” generated. It was long in coming and fearful in its immediate consequences. Congress voted a $700 billion bailout program for banks and insurance companies.

Read the entire article below.

Warning Signs: Electing a Moron.

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Rep. Luetkemeyer wants to cut IPCC funding

Posted by SteveB on July 9, 2009

07/08/09 WASHINGTON, D.C. _ U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-9) today introduced legislation that would save taxpayers $12.5 million this year and millions more in the future by prohibiting the United States from contributing to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is fraught with waste and is engaged in dubious science. “We all know that the UN is incompetent when it comes to spending money, and that is why American taxpayers should not be forking over millions more to one of its organizations that not only is in need of significant reform but is engaged in dubious scientific quests,” Luetkemeyer said. “Folks in Missouri and across the country are tired of this never ending government spending spree, and my goal is to deliver some of our people’s hard-earned money back into their pocketbooks instead of spending it on international junk science.” Luetkemeyer’s legislation would prohibit U.S. contributions to the IPCC, which is nothing more than a group of U.N. bureaucrats that supports man-made claims on global warming that many scientists disagree with. More than 700 international scientists signed on to the U.S. Senate Minority Report expressing their concerns about man-made claims on global warming promoted by the UN IPCC. The dissenting scientists are more than 13 times the number of UN scientists, 52, who authored a report claiming that human emissions of carbon dioxide are responsible for dangerous and unprecedented warming. The dissenting scientists are from all over the world, including Japan, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Canada, the Netherlands and the U.S. that are affiliated with institutions including, NASA, U.S. Navy, U.S. Defense Department, Energy Department, U.S. Air Force and the EPA. Meanwhile, our very own Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that we are undergoing a period of worldwide cooling. Luetkemeyer also filed the legislation as an amendment to the Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act. Supporters of the cap-and-trade legislation are using the questionable findings by the UN IPCC as one reason to support the onerous legislation, which is nothing more than a national energy tax and will be debated soon by the U.S. Senate. Luetkemeyer voted against this legislation and will continue to voice his concerns with the majority’s cap-and-tax legislation.

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Liz Peek, – Can the Climate Control Zealots In Congress Be Stopped?

Posted by SteveB on June 29, 2009

Is the president losing his cool? In his press conference on Tuesday President Obama showed rare flashes of sarcasm and impatience as he dealt with veiled criticism of his muted response to the brutality in Iran and the prospect that his beloved health care legislation may not survive the bloody birth canal that is Congress.

Still, the president was collected enough to employ an old favorite of those under pressure, the tried and true “bait and switch” approach. Hey, if your health care package is getting torched, start playing up the importance of your equally gigantic land-grab known as the American Clean Energy Security Act. Also called the Waxman-Markey bill, this legislation was suddenly number one on the president’s agenda. That’s bad news for those ramming through this dangerous re-write of our energy industry. While most talking heads have been focused on health care, the climate control zealots had their hands on the throttle. Shining a little light on this endeavor may better reveal some of the bills warts’ and just in time since it moves to the House floor today.  

The American Petroleum Institute sent a letter to Congress this week which claims that the Waxman bill “would mean gasoline at more than $4 per gallon” and that “the bill will cost Americans billions of dollars in higher costs, kill jobs and will not deliver the environmental benefits promised.” The API note references a study done for the Black Chamber of Commerce that estimates the bill will result in a net loss of over 2 million jobs a year (net of added “green” jobs). The study also estimates annual drops in GDP of $170 billion in 2015, $350 billion in 2030 and $730 billion in 2050. In short, the API describes the bill as “fundamentally flawed.”

Read the entire article below.


Posted in Climate Change, Global Warming, Politics | Tagged: , , | Leave a Comment » – THE TRIUMPH OF DOUBLESPEAK

Posted by SteveB on June 28, 2009


Despite over 20 years of effort and four major Reports, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has not succeeded in providing any evidence that increases in greenhouse gases are having a measurable effect on the climate. Why is it, then, that so many people believe that they have done so? The answer lies in their subtle use of doublespeak, the technique of creating confusion by manipulation of language. This newsletter shows how they have confused and twisted the meanings of words in such a way as to create triumph out of failure.


The Framework Convention on Climate Change which was signed by so many nations, including our own, started the whole thing off with this definition of “Climate Change”, from  Article 1 as follows :
“a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods” 

They have suddenly changed the meaning of “climate change” which had previously not involved any particular cause, to one restricted only to its being ”attributed” to direct or indirect human changes in atmospheric composition. This means that they do not have to prove that all changes in climate have this cause.  All they need to do is to get people to use the term “climate change”, and they will suddenly discover that by saying these words they support the IPCC “attribution” whether they know it or not.

There does not need to be any actual evidence. All that is needed is for somebody. such as an IPCC climate scientist, an environmental activist, a politician, or a journalist, to “attribute” it. The “attribution” does not even need to be “direct”. “Indirect” can be as obscure as they chose it to be.

This device has been an outstanding success. Any “climate change” which is disapproved of, be it a heat wave, cold spell, flood, drought, or hurricane, is today routinely “attributed” to human influence on the atmosphere.

They confuse matters further by their additional statements. “Climate Change” is now only one of the many possible reasons for “change of climate”, a term which seems now to have replaced the original meaning of “climate change”. They are reluctant to enlarge on the possible other reasons for “change of climate” apart from “natural variability”.

“Natural Variability” evidently does not “change” it merely varies. Only “climate change” actually changes.

What is the difference between “change” and “variability”? Climate is known to vary over many different periods, from a few seconds to millions of years. How can you tell whether it is “changing” or “varying”?

They have left out altogether an important component of “change of climate”, and that is change of climate caused by humans which does not involve changes in the composition of the atmosphere.


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